Based in Seattle, WA Tim Rice is an acclaimed photographer of architecture, construction, and art for advertising, commercial and editorial purposes. His work focuses on architectural design, art, nature, events and how they all relate to one another.  His experience within the field of construction, as a project manager along with his lifestyle interests provides a unique perspective and specialized service.  Tim instinctively identifies opportunities to effectively capture detail and scope, by utilizing his industry knowledge of a multifaceted project and active jobsite. Professional relationships allow unprecedented access to the downtown Seattle business core and skyline.  With the use of still, time-lapse and aerial photography, he enables clients to promote a project from the early stages of design, throughout construction to completion. Tim’s work includes corporate and private event photography.  He purposefully focuses his time on events endorsing significant causes or organizations.  Tim has been a professional photographer since 2010 and has been published in numerous publications.

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